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Cherry is sooooooo tired of waiting around for a home! She’s showing off her adorable little immature, and cutsie side of her personality,..

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More pictures of 5 little newborns, opening their eyes! They are about 7 days old, and deciding to peak out into the world. They are adorable..

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Today our 8-9 year old cat named Ivy, went home. She spent time in each store, and just seemed depressed. Ivy was adopted as a kitten, and returned..

139 likes, 37 comments4 years ago

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These two brothers, Barnum and Bailey, were adopted together. Good for them. Thankfully someone wanted them as a pair. They are a bit bigger..

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Well, this cute tabby cat, Houdini, will be losing his home in a few days. His parent is moving and can’t take him with. Dad originally rescued..

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