Torbie - Tortoiseshell - Adult - Female
Adoptable Medium Spayed/NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shotshousetrained

Are you ready to bring double the love and double the fun into your family?!? If you are, say hello to Gravy and Sweet Pea, two ADORABLE tortie sisters! These 5 year old sisters have been together since they were kittens, and have the most amazing personalities. Sweet Pea is the darker tortie with the more slender build and a total lap cat who LOVES being cuddled. Walk into the room and she will excitedly greet you with her beautiful white tipped tail swinging back and forth. Gravy is her tan tortie sister who has a lot to say and isn’t afraid to say it! Very vocal and very affectionate, she will demand equal cuddle time from you! These sisters would love a full time home where they can get the full time attention they deserve and want to share. Please consider making some time to give them a visit and spend some time with them to see if they would be a good fit for you. You won’t be disappointed!!

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